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Loyalty After Lockdown – By Luna

The definition of loyalty is to have allegiance or support. Often when we think of loyalty we associate it with relationships and friendships. Loyalty is the quality that most of are searching for when we are looking for a partner. In our relationships, loyalty brings us love, respect, a feeling of being cared for and belonging. Relationships After Lockdown There is no doubt that lockdown has affected our relationships in

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The Power of Positivity – By Luna

At some point, we have all found ourselves trying to find the light, joy and silver linings when it feels like our world is falling apart around us. So how exactly do we raise ourselves into positivity when we feel rooted in anything but that? You Are Powerful! Your positive mindset is powerful and can shift the gears of your world rapidly. Considering your current situation as temporary and not

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Halloween: The Samhain Festival – with Luna

October 31st marks the day that we now know as Halloween. It’s a fun, spooky time where we can enjoy quite a few things steeped in tradition: without even realizing. Our exploration begins with the Celtic festival, Samhain. Samhain, pronounced ‘sah-win’ is a festival from the ancient Celtic spiritual tradition to mark the end of the harvest season, the end of summer and to honour ancestors with prayers and feasts.

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Colouring For Inner Peace and Calmness – with Luna

As a child, I loved colouring in and joining up the dots to create pictures. The sense of achievement when creating a picture, always left a happy feeling. In recent years there has been a trend in adult colouring. This is a straightforward and simple way to pass the time in winter and lockdown. There are many advantages to colouring in pictures. The process of colouring between the lines is

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NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming. What’s It All About?

30 Nov NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming. What’s It All About? NLP; What Is it? How Can It Help You? all about neuro-linguistic programming, the law of attraction and how to get what you want! Neuro-linguistic programming often referred to as NLP, is the practice of coaching and retraining our minds, language, and behavior. The objective is therefore for us to get the results that we want in our lives. This

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Law of Attraction: What’s it All About and How to Use it To Get What You Want

Find Out About the Law of Attraction; HOW TO USE IT AND ATTRACT WHAT YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE! The Law of Attraction (LOA) is a spiritual law that is always working. Our thoughts create our reality. What we think about therefore dictates what happens to us. A simple way to think of LOA is that it is the opposite of worry. When you worry, you are in a negative

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