The Power of Positivity – By Luna

At some point, we have all found ourselves trying to find the light, joy and silver linings when it feels like our world is falling apart around us. So how exactly do we raise ourselves into positivity when we feel rooted in anything but that?

You Are Powerful!

Your positive mindset is powerful and can shift the gears of your world rapidly. Considering your current situation as temporary and not your final destination is the first step in finding a silver lining. For each of us to move forward we will experience low or negative energy for a limited period. Moving forward into your sparkling and spirited new world means accepting there will be high and lows to get there. Having the courage to continue when you feel your situation is bleak is when the magic of success happens.
Listen to the power within you. You are the captain of your ship and you can consciously direct your power over your emotions. The thoughts and feelings you have about your life rule what shows up for you, it is not the outside sources that are deciding. Practice positive self-talk because your mind will believe whatever you tell it. Using an affirmation about your power can increase your vibration of positivity and lead you to reach for a better thought-feeling. Affirm to yourself daily that you are powerful and you are the captain of your ship.

Seer – See Beyond The Current Situation

Having the ability to see beyond your current situation and circumstances allows the energy of your emotions to move. For changes to occur in your reality the energy has to move, if it doesn’t your life will be stagnant. A simple way to shift the energy in your life is to take note of the language patterns you use.
Your words have power. Avoiding using universals like always and never. Instead of complaining about your reality be grateful that you have the choice to make changes. Using a gratitude journal daily can be a great way to see what you have in your life already.

Your Positive Environment

Creating a positive environment for yourself can make a wonderful difference in your positivity journey. Surrounding yourself with your cheerleaders, those who have your best interests at heart and those that raise your vibration higher is one of the fastest ways to shift your energy.

Tips For Positivity

  • Start every day on a positive note by using an affirmation. Tell yourself it is going to be a great day.
  • Listen to a happy and positive song.
  • Practice positive self-talk.
  • Laugh every day.


Whatever your circumstances today remember nothing lasts forever. You always have a choice. Sometimes you don’t like the choices you have and you have to make the best from a challenging situation. When you train your mind to look for the best outcome in any situation you are shifting the energy and that will change what shows up for you. When you find your thoughts are not serving you catch them and change them to what you want to feel instead. Positivity is about your mindset in any situation. Stand in your own power and choose to live in positivity every day.

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