Loyalty After Lockdown – By Luna

The definition of loyalty is to have allegiance or support. Often when we think of loyalty we associate it with relationships and friendships. Loyalty is the quality that most of are searching for when we are looking for a partner. In our relationships, loyalty brings us love, respect, a feeling of being cared for and belonging.

Relationships After Lockdown

There is no doubt that lockdown has affected our relationships in many ways. Some couples have learned they have spent most of their relationships pre lockdown looking at each other on video calls. Lockdown has become a learning curve for who you are, what you want and who your partner really is. As we move out of lockdown some couples are finding that their relationships are not what they were. Some may find they have developed a new level of intimacy. While others may find their relationship is in tatters.

Priorities After Lockdown

Lockdown has brought our loyalty into question. Do we remain loyal to our relationships or do we feel that our priorities have also been brought into question? The phrase “life is too short” has been used many times in 2020. For those lovers parted by geography during lockdown are they able to rebuild their relationships? The intensity of uncertainty and fear of the unknown should bring us closer together and keep us loyal to each other. In many relationships, this is not the case and boundaries have become blurred. The only true loyalty we have now is to ourselves.

Friendships In Lockdown

In the ever-changing landscape that is life after lockdown, we are going to see lots of changes. Those who have reached out to us, kept in touch and checked in on us have proven their loyalty to us. Some friendships will come out of lockdown stronger. There are those that you expected to hear from and didn’t. No likes on your social media posts or direct messages enquiring how you are getting on in these strange times. You find yourself realising who your friends really are.

Shopping Loyalty

As we look around our towns and cities post lockdown we will notice the businesses that have made it through and those that have not. Will you support and be loyal to the small business by shopping there or will you find yourself continuing to shop online?

Loyalty To Our Careers

Working from home in lockdown for many has brought more work-life balance and allowed us to set a flexible schedule that works for us individually. For some of us, there will have been a realisation that our career is part of our identity, giving a purpose and freedom we won’t get from anything else. We may not have always appreciated the structure and routine that having a career meant. Being loyal to our career in this constantly changing new world might be our biggest loyalty of all.


Lockdown has changed us as individuals and as a society. We are not the same people we were before living in isolation. As we forge our way into the new normal there is a need to review and evaluate as we go. Life after lockdown will never be the same, but do we really want it to be the same?

Love and light,


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