Colouring For Inner Peace and Calmness – with Luna

As a child, I loved colouring in and joining up the dots to create pictures. The sense of achievement when creating a picture, always left a happy feeling. In recent years there has been a trend in adult colouring. This is a straightforward and simple way to pass the time in winter and lockdown.
There are many advantages to colouring in pictures. The process of colouring between the lines is very relaxing, simple and gives you a feeling of using your creativity. If you are feeling nervous, the process of focus, a beautiful picture, can quickly take you to a place of calm. If you have been meditating a lot recently and are looking for a new way to ground yourself, colouring is a great alternative. It is possible to reach the same level of inner calm and self-realization as when you meditate.

Forget Your Worries

Colouring in pictures can be a great way to replace patterns of negative thinking with positive thoughts. While you are concentrating on keeping the colour between the lines, you are unlikely to be thinking about the worries and troubles on your mind. Your ability to take control of your thoughts and self to soothe is a skill that you will be able to repeat when you feel the need to escape times of pressure.

Colouring To Manifest

When we are emersed in the moment, our creative flow allows us to bring pleasurable beauty for ourselves and others. We can choose to use the energy for manifesting. As you release the pressure and worries your body is holding on to and become more relaxed, you will tune into more clarity and wisdom. You will have a heightened sense of intuition of yourself and the world around you.


A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Asian cultures. It is a geometric object design that holds a great deal of symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Mandalas are believed to represent different aspects of the universe. They are used as instruments of mediation and symbols of prayer. Mandalas hold symbolic and meditative meaning beyond their vibrant appearance.
By entering the mandala and proceeding towards the centre, you are guided through the cosmic process of transforming the universe, from one of suffering to one of joy and happiness.

Colouring In

You can print a mandala that has no colour and create an inspired creative flow. You can do this while connecting with the universe and colouring in. Use this time to strengthen your vibration and connection with the universe. Let the universe hear all that you desire for your life, while you are creating beauty on the page in front of you!

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