NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming. What’s It All About?

30 Nov NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming. What’s It All About?

NLP; What Is it? How Can It Help You?

all about neuro-linguistic programming, the law of attraction and how to get what you want!
Neuro-linguistic programming often referred to as NLP, is the practice of coaching and retraining our minds, language, and behavior. The objective is therefore for us to get the results that we want in our lives. This can be achieved by setting clear goals and outcomes to achieve and shape our lives, to get what we want in life!

The aim of NLP is to give you tools, to set your life to get the success you desire. NLP teaches us to control emotions, known as changes of state. For example, if one’s emotional state is one of irritation or impatience and the state is not serving to success, NLP teaches to change the state into a state you do want. Put simply, you can talk yourself down from a place of irritation and change your mood to one of happiness and achievement.


When studying NLP, we as practitioners are therefore taught how to control our internal world. Doing this consequently allows responding to what happens around us. This is done in a way that empowers us and is achievement driven. Learning the tools of NLP to master our minds, language and behavior take practice. Rewiring our brains to think before we act, and to keep to the goals we set ourselves, takes time to become part of our everyday thinking and behavior.


When learning the tools and techniques of NLP, we examine patterns of our behavior. Sometimes it is necessary to dig deep inside ourselves to identify our limiting beliefs. These are often what holds us back from success. It might be that you want to change the way you think about love and that the current wiring in your brain is not bringing you the results you want. Taking a look deep into your attitude to love and where these beliefs came from, is, therefore, the first step. This allows you to identify how to change the belief to no longer limit yourself in what you want to achieve. Identifying limiting beliefs and changing our ways of thinking can be applied to any limiting belief.


There is a crossover with NLP and the Law of Attraction (known as LOA). Both state that “thoughts become things”.  This means that our internal world is a reflection of what we experience in our outside world. So, what we are thinking about shows up in our lives.  Consequently, both NLP and the Law of Attraction are results driven, to help us achieve the life that we want. Mastering both NLP techniques and the Law of Attraction to use in your daily life will result in changes in all areas of your life. When practiced consistently and with focus, what we want in our lives will create a vibration of energy that draws in what we want. We can then achieve our dreams and desires.


For some people deciding what they want is the hardest part. Breaking down what we want in each area of our life can, however, be achieved by chunking down to only think about one area at a time. Thinking about each area of our lives individually and what we want, is consequently a much easier way to achieve results. This way, we do not feel overwhelmed by the question of “What do you want?”. Outcome success setting from NLP and LOA is based on being able to achieve anything we want. A basic principle of NLP is that “what is possible for one is possible for all”. Tools and techniques which you practice daily will equip you to have the life you want to live. Just decide what you want, and the first step is DONE.

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